Policies and Annual Report

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Like all schools, Templestowe Park operates within the guidelines set out in a number of policies. 

The process of developing and reviewing any given policy is as follows:

The School Council Committee responsible for the policy will either draft (for new policies) or review (for existing policies) the document under up to six headings:

  • Rationale (why is the policy being written?)
  • Goals (what does the policy set out to achieve?)
  • Implementation (how will the policy achieve these goals?)
  • Budget (what costs and funding are involved?)
  • Evaluation (how will the success be measured?)

The final draft is sent to the entire School Council as pre-reading material for the next School Council meeting.

The School Council discusses the policy at the meeting and, if satisfied with the content, approves the policy. Each policy is reviewed in the future according to a cyclic timetable.

To view the current version of any School Council policy, please click on the appropriate link below.  Please contact the school if there is a policy you would like to read and does not appear on the list below.