Visual Art

Templestowe Park Primary School Visual Arts

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Visual Arts at Templestowe Park is an integral and exciting component of the whole school curriculum. During the sessions the students are empowered to develop and apply their skills and knowledge, to visually communicate their feelings and their understanding of themselves / other people. Students explore a variety of different mediums such as ceramics, textiles, drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. They interpret varied sources of inspiration from their own imagination to direct observation of the world around them, as well as investigating Art History which is interwoven through the curriculum.

Children's artwork is displayed throughout the school, particularly in the art room and in the main corridor. This has two very important outcomes:

  • the development of the children's confidence and self-esteem
  • the provision of an aesthetically pleasing environment in which the entire school community can share in celebrating the talents and achievements of our students.

Visual Arts

In 2005, the inaugural Templestowe Park Primary School Art Show was held, featuring the art work of various local artists, including over 450 very eager young members of our school community. Every student was able to have one piece of their artwork displayed amongst the "professionals", including a number by one of Australia’s most acclaimed artists – Pro Hart. The Art exhibitions are a feature of the school calendar and are held bi-annually.

An integral part of the Visual Arts curriculum at our school is the Grade 6 Legacy Project. In their final year the students work as a team to produce an artwork which remains at the school for future students to enjoy, as well as providing visual interest to the school.