Science Discovery

At Templestowe Park PS our focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Inquiry Learning provides our students with an excellent foundation and the skills to succeed in an ever-changing world. We use technology to augment learning. This attention to innovative teaching practices guides the whole school computer coding and robotics program, and our very own TV studio affords our students the opportunity to learn in a 21st century learning environment.

Science Discovery Program

Our Science Discovery Program offers all students from Prep to Grade 6 a weekly specialist Science program in our Discovery room.  Led by our specialist Science teacher, Ms Augello (Bachelor Science Melb University), the weekly program allows our students to learn about the key elements of Science in an engaging and exciting environment.  Areas of Science taught within the program include:

·         Biological Sciences

·         Chemical Sciences

·         Earth & Space Sciences

·         Physical Sciences

·         Science as a human endeavour

·         Science inquiry skills


TPTV is our very own TV program that is written, directed, edited and produced by our Grades 5&6 students.  Each fortnight a different Grade 5 or 6 class produces a TPTV episode that is available to view across the world.  All students from Prep-Grade 6 have an opportunity to appear on TPTV and it allows our students to experience what life is really like in a dynamic television studio.

Click here to watch the latest episode of TPTV.

CodingComputer Coding

Every student from Prep – Grade 6 undertakes a comprehensive computer-coding program.  The program focuses on the processes of designing, writing, testing, and troubleshooting programs for computers. This includes coding robots, making websites and designing games.  There are also Junior and Senior Coding Clubs at lunchtimes for interested students to further develop their skills.

Lego Robotics

Our Lego Robotics program spans from Grades 3-6 and all students have the opportunity to use class sets of Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorm construction sets.

Our Grades 3&4 students receive an introduction to simple physics and linear programs using the Lego WeDo construction sets. These kits teach students the workings of simple mechanisms and sensors such as motion sensors, light sensors, pulleys, gears and cams. Students learn how to write linear programs with which to test and control their constructions.

Grades 5&6 students progress to using the Lego Mindstorms NXT construction sets. These kits require students to use a series of instructions to construct a driving robot with a golf arm. The robot utilises light sensors to determine different movements and actions. Students learn how to program and calibrate light, sound and ultrasonic sensors. Written programs increase in complexity and students learn how to make robots perform different tasks depending on the information received by the sensors.

Our Grade 6 and highly able robotics experts are then able to construct their own robots and undertake a series of programming challenges.

This leads to entry into the RoboCup Junior International Robotics Competition.

Maths Active SchoolMaths Accreditation Web

Due to our excellent successes in the area of Maths, we have achieved the high honour of being recognised as a ‘Maths Active School’ by the MAV (The Mathematical Association of Victoria). Overall only 28 schools across Victoria have ever achieved this outstanding status, with Templestowe Park being one of only three schools to achieve this in 2017.

MAV’s Maths Active Schools initiative is a way to recognise and support schools that consistently demonstrate exceptional learning and teaching practices in Mathematics.  Congratulations to our dedicated and hard working staff and students on achieving this extraordinary status.

Science Talent Search (STS)

All students in Grades 2, 4 and 6 participate in the Templestowe Park Science Talent Search. The STS is a competition that covers the following areas:

·         Experimental research

·         Posters

·         Computer programs

·         Working models

·         Creative writing

·         Video productions

The very best individual or group entries are then selected to represent Templestowe Park in the statewide Science Victoria STS.  This allows our talented and passionate young scientists the opportunity to present their projects to experts in the field and compete against students from across Victoria.

To learn more about the Science Victoria STS please click here.

Young Einstein logo

Young Einsteins Preschool Science Program

Discovering Science starts before the commencement of school at Templestowe Park.  Our Young Einsteins program is specially designed for preschool aged children to participate in fun and exciting science lessons with Ms Augello.  The sessions are exciting and fast paced and provide our young students with the opportunity to have fun in our Science Discovery Room.

Please watch the website to book your child into the Prep transition program for next year.