Performing Arts

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The Performing Arts program provides important outlets for the communication of ideas, feelings and beliefs. Through the arts, students can access sources of intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development, understanding and enjoyment. The skills acquired through a broad-based performing arts program enhance a child’s ability and confidence in expressing themselves to each other and to groups. Creative responses to a wide range of stimuli are promoted.B001   Copy

At Templestowe Park, the Performing Arts program covers the major areas of music, dance and drama.  The music program explores essential musical knowledge and skills.  The main aims are: aesthetic response, aesthetic investigation, skill development, music literature and social interaction.  The dance and drama program incorporates: games and exercises, movement, improvisation, script, mime, puppetry, dance and performance.  These units further develop and nurture the Body, Music, People and Self intelligences, in addition to exploring the whole range of critical thinking skills and social skills.

In addition to the core curriculum, several lunchtime clubs are offered throughout the year providing further opportunities for students to participate in Performing Arts.

Students in Grades Five and Six are involved in a major school production every second year.