Literacy and Numeracy

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Templestowe Park aspires to develop the ‘whole child’ by planning and implementing a balanced curriculum. This means that there is a strong emphasis on not only Literacy and Numeracy, but also STEM, The Arts, Physical Education and Technology. The foundation to learning is student engagement and it is important to TPPS that we help our students develop a passion for learning while building upon their level of self esteem and confidence.

The academic core of Templestowe Park’s curriculum is the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills in students across all year levels. 

  • Lit-Num-3 250pxEach day three, one hour sessions with a focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics is conducted where childrenwork on developing their understanding and skills through a variety of group and individual tasks.  
  • Individual learning needs are catered for by students working on tasks based on their needs, often in small group situations.
  • We value and support effective parent involvement and provide parent helpers’ training in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • In Prep, year 1 and year 2, the teaching of literacy is based on the Early Years Literacy Strategy.
  • Students work in ability groups to develop their Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening skills through a variety of strategies to help them become independent readers and writers.
  • In years 3 through to 6, the focus on the literacy program shifts towards individual text selection and reflection while making links to the world in which they live.

The use of technology supports student learning at Templestowe Park.

  • Literacy & Numeracy 03Each classroom is equipped with an interactive screen that enables teachers to model new concepts and demonstrate specific skills in an engaging manner. In turn, students are able to share with their class when it is their turn to use the screen.
  • Each student within the school has access to a bank of modern notebook computers that provide access to the school network, as well as the Internet and other software.
  • Students in years 3-6 participate in the "bring your own device" program, as part of the '1:1 iPad initiative'.  All other students have acces to school-owned iPads as well as notebooks.
  • These technologies are used to further develop skills associated with Literacy and Numeracy, presenting, researching and creating.  We are about using technology to learn and these tools compliment our quality teaching and support the development of our students' Literacy and Numeracy.


The Reading Assistance Program is Literacy Intervention for Year One and Two students who require extra assistance to improve their reading and writing in a specially designed intervention program.

  • students receive intensive thirty minute lessons, four days a week with a support teacher.
  • students work in small groups that are in addition to the regular literacy instruction in the classroom.
  • this program enables children to become active and independent readers and writers, better able to join in the daily literacy activities in their classroom.