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Templestowe Park believes technology is a key component to living and learning in the 21st century.  It is vital that our students have immediate access to technology to develop literacy and numeracy skills while developing an understanding of the community and the world in which they live.

I.C.T (Information and Communication Technology) use at Templestowe Park is evident daily.  Each classroom has an interactive television that is used to demonstrate and explore key learning concepts in all areas of the curriculum while students have access to large banks of high end notebooks and sets of iPads. 
Templestowe Park’s philosophy about computers and mobile devices is about ‘using technology to learn’ as much as it is about ‘learning to use technology’.

Students in years 3-6 participate in the "bring your own device" program, as part of the '1:1 iPad initiative'.  All other students have acces to school-owned iPads as well as notebooks.

These technologies are used to further develop skills associated with Literacy and Numeracy, presenting, researching and creating.  We are about using technology to learn and these tools compliment our quality teaching and support the development of our students' Literacy and Numeracy.


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