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School Council

Under current State Government regulations, all schools are required to have a School Council. This is a representative body of parents, staff, community members and, in some secondary colleges, students. According to the Victorian Department of Education and Training, the School Council is the body that:
"sets the vision, determines the priorities and ensures that the school is responsive to the needs of the local community".

School councillors are expected to perform the following roles and responsibilities:

  • determining the general educational policy of the school
  • developing the school strategic plan
  • reporting annually to the school community
  • approving and monitoring the school budget
  • developing the student code of conduct, and
  • generally stimulating interest in the school

At Templestowe Park, our School Council consists of fourteen members of the school and local communities. The breakdown of the council is as follows:

  • the Principal of Templestowe Park – Mr Mark Roberts
  • four other employees of the Department of Education and Training – elected by the Templestowe Park staff
  • eight parent representatives - elected by the parent community
  • one other member of the community - appointed by the Principal in consultation with School Council

Junior School Council

Junior School Council is designed to give students at Templestowe Park Primary School a voice.
Two class representatives from Grades 3-6 are elected for a six-month term of office. This allows a number of children the opportunity to represent their classmates and to experience Council each year. Three students from Grade 6 are elected by their peers to take up the role of President, Secretary and Treasurer. It is their role is to assist in facilitating fortnightly meetings at lunchtime and to perform other administrative tasks as required.

During the fortnightly meetings the Junior School Council members are given the opportunity to discuss ideas that have been raised by their peers to bring about positive in and out of the school. Often, after the meeting, outcomes will be discussed with either the Principal or Parents and Friends Association (PFA) for further consideration. Another key role of Junior School Council is to promote a fundraising event each term to support a charitable organisation, whilst giving the students the opportunity to dress up and ‘have fun’.

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

Templestowe Park Primary School has an active Parents and Friends Association (PFA) which meets monthly and conducts a range of activities throughout the year.
The main objectives of the PFA are to: 

  • provide opportunities to meet and socialise with other Templestowe Park Primary parents.
  • co-ordinate crucial fund-raising - all funds are directed towards improving our children's education and environment.
  • encourage informal, voluntary contributions of time and effort.

Anyone is welcome to join and contribute. If you would like to know more about the PFA's regular meetings or other activities, please contact the school office.