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Templestowe Park Primary School is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. There are about 570 students at Templestowe Park, working with over forty staff and hundreds of parents and siblings to create a very special learning environment.

We offer a challenging and varied curriculum with a strong specialist program spanning STEM, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Mandarin.

Templestowe Park opened in 1977 on the current school site in Church Road in Templestowe.

Mission Statement

Our school has a mission statement and a statement of values which underpin everything we do and set out to achieve at Templestowe Park for each of our students:

Templestowe Park Primary School aspires to be a school in which all students enjoy the maximum opportunity to achieve their highest potential, through access to a comprehensive learning environment, emphasising community values and lifelong learning

School Values

Our values guide the decisions and behaviours of all members of our school community.
Respect – for ourselves and others – caring for, understanding and accepting ourselves and others.
Responsibility – demonstrating ownership of our actions and words.
Integrity – always trying to be fair and honest.
Pride – achieving and celebrating personal and school goals.
Optimism – focusing on positive experiences.

As well, Templestowe Park places great emphasis on the following stated values:

  • Risk taking in the students' approach to learning
  • Encouraging self-worth and self-esteem in all children
  • Fun and enjoyment in the learning process
  • Taking a broad view of the importance of the well-being of the children
  • Maximising the potential of all children, whatever their areas and levels of ability
  • Fostering community values
  • Achieving and celebrating personal goals and recognising and applauding successes gained by others.
  • Being accountable for your own actions
  • Always trying to be fair and honest
  • Focusing on positive experiences
  • Respecting one’s self and caring about the feelings, rights, property and safety of others

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