Camps and Excursions

Grade 5 & 6 2022Grade 5 & 6  2022   02

Students at Templestowe Park enjoy a range of excursions, as well as other special activities conducted at the school. These excursions directly related to the Integrated topics being investigated at each grade level and vary from year to year.

The camping program at TPPS is an essential part of the school curriculum. The following table outlines the camping program for students at each year level.

Prep After school activity at Templestowe Park
Grade One Movie night at Templestowe Park 
Grade Two Dinner and late night experience at LaTrobe Sports Centre
Grade Three Overnight camp at Mt Evelyn
Grade Four 3 night camp at Anglesea

Grade Five & Six

 alternate years

4 night camp at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

4 night camp at Alexandra Adventure Resort

Both camps and excursions provide opportunities for children to develop increased independence and maturity, as well as to provide concrete and direct educational experiences of the world around them. The students at Templestowe Park thoroughly enjoy and look forward to these experiences.